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  • Series of BioZ

    Safe non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring systems

    Based on the principle of chest electrical bio-impedance, only four pairs of electrodes are attached to the skin surface, without any risk to the patient. It avoids the complexity and high risk of invasive monitoring and makes bedside hemodynamic monitoring possible.

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  • PeriCare

    The global first product applying to perinatal hemodynamic monitoring

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  • 贝博在线国际

    HO 贝博在线国际

    Hydrogen peroxide is used as the sterilization medium, which can sterilize the surgical instruments at room temperature. The sterilization time is short and there is no harmful toxicant remaining. It provides strong technical support for clinical first aid and side table surgery.

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  • ballbet手机在线

    Adopting special valve polarity electrode design to improve the accuracy and reliability of equipment detection; The anti-interference ability avoids the interference of human bioelectricity caused by current conduction through human body.

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