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  • Clinical Solution of Perinatal Hemodynamics

    The global first product applying to perinatal hemodynamic monitoring

  • Core Patented technologies

    DISQ technology: 

    The proprietary DISQ (digital impedance signal quantitative processing) technology digitizes the corresponding impedance change to ensure the stability and accuracy of data; 

    ZMARC technology: 

    The impedance signal is processed by the innovative ZMARC (aortic compliance adjustment) algorithm to obtain multiple parameters, eliminating the error caused by aortic compliance change.

  • Five perinatal hemodynamic risk indicators:

    Prenatal screening, pregnant hypertension, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and shock.

  • Clinical application

    Establish maternity hemodynamic baseline

    Assess heart and perfusion level for pregnant women

    Improve obstetrician's ability to cope with perinatal hemodynamic changes Enhance the control of obstetricians' treatment degree to correct maternity hemodynamics

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