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Series of BioZ

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  • Core Patented technologies

    DISQ technology: 

    The proprietary DISQ (digital impedance signal quantitative processing) technology digitizes the corresponding impedance change to ensure the stability and accuracy of data; 

    ZMARC technology: 

    The impedance signal is processed by the innovative ZMARC (aortic compliance adjustment) algorithm to obtain multiple parameters, eliminating the error caused by aortic compliance change.

  • The only product that has been published in domestic authoritative journals for correlation comparis

    Correlation: r = 0.891 (TDCO vs TEBCO) 

    Repeatability: r = 0.97

  • Comprehensive parameters

    The parameters are comprehensive with 18 hemodynamic parameters, unique oxygen metabolism parameters such as SpO and DO, and more comprehensive monitoring.

  • Several position analysis report

  • The 16-inch high-definition touch screen is easy to operate and can be operated by ordinary nurses

  • It can interface with hospital HIS system directly.

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